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The Story of Ganey Tikva

Ganey Tikva – number 10 on Israel's list of best cities to live in

Ganey Tikva – Snapshot

Ganey Tikva was founded in 1949 by the Jewish Agency for Israel as a new immigrant community, when part of it was an area of Petah Tikva called Shikun Hayovel. The community absorbed families from Romania, Poland, Yemen and Morocco, who were housed in about 240 wooden huts ('Swedish' huts). In 1953, the community was afforded municipal status as a Local Council, and changed its name to Ganey Tikva.

Municipal boundaries:
Petah Tikva to the north, Savion to the south, South Sharon Regional Council to the east, and Kiryat Ono to the west.
Peripherality Index: Ganey Tikva is very central.

Ganey Tikva covers 220 hectares and has a population of 15,000.
In 1995, Ganey Tikva annexed 70 hectares from Petah Tikva, 60 hectares in the north and 10 in the east. In 2006, Ganey Tikva annexed a further 30 hectares to the south of Maccabit Road (Route 471).

Ganey Tikva plans to reach a population of 25,000 in about fifteen years.

Population breakdown:

Approximately 70% of residents live in apartment blocks on about 30% of the municipal area, and some 30% live in single-family homes on about 70% of the municipal area. Approximately 25% percent of the population is Orthodox, and live in Yismach Moshe, a neighborhood built in the 1960s by the Admor of Sasov, and in Nof Savion, a neighborhood which was built and populated in the 1990s.
Religious and secular residents live in complete harmony in Ganey Tikva.

Socio-economic status

Ganey Tikva is designated at level 8 on the socio-economic scale (10 being the highest).
Average age (not including those in military service): 43, according to 2008 Central Bureau of Statistics figures.


Average monthly income: NIS 10,013 (men: NIS 12,507; women: NIS 7,722)
Unemployment benefits (monthly average): 83.


Number of cars per family - motor vehicles: 4,817
Private cars: 3,877
Average age of private cars: 7 years
Accidents with casualties: 14


Ganey Tikva residents enjoy a reasonable level of security and crime levels are not high (according to police reports). During the summer vacation, the Council employs security services to patrol public parks in order to prevent late-night noise and vandalism, as well as an Owl Patrol – a voluntary/educational program.
Volunteer cyclists also patrol the community until the small hours of the morning during summer vacation, speaking and interacting with teens. These activities help improve the community's level of security.


Ganey Tikva has five elementary schools, a junior high school and seventeen preschools. The Local Council is currently working on plans to construct the first high school, to be built on the educational campus in the north of Ganey Tikva. The architectural firm of Eliakim Architects was selected from among five leading architectural firms competing for the high school project. The examination committee members recommended the winning architect's office after examining the extent to which their plans complied with the educational program criteria prepared by Dr. Dorit Tubin, who is an expert in successful and world-leading educational institutions. The high school is designed to be as 'green' as possible, in accordance with the most stringent American standards.
A laptop for every student – computerized education in Ganey Tikva
2006 saw the start of a program that marked the change to educational technology for the first time in Israel. Five grade-levels already learn using personal laptops.

The MESHI programganey tikva education

The program was designed to enable "study at any time and place" (ubiquitous learning) – creating a new form of learning that springs from the inherent potential of advanced technologies to be an integral part of the learning process in a continuum of learning environments. This means that students can study whenever their curiosity is aroused and in a variety of contexts, and they use the computer as an intermediary between themselves and knowledge.
Technology is only a means of implementation, and the essence of the program is much broader.
The MESHI program represents educational innovation in practice, in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s goals for the 2009-2010 school year, as set out by Dr. Shimshon Shoshani, General Director of the Ministry of Education, "To adapt the learning environment and educational programs in the educational system to function optimally, in the 21st-century culture of technology and communications. To enable technological and professional education to reach international standards…"

For over ten consecutive years, Ganey Tikva has won the 5-star prize in the Beautiful Town Competition held by the Council for a Beautiful Israel.
In 2004, Ganey Tikva won the Beautiful Town Flag for the first time. In 2010 Ganey Tikva competed for the flag for the second time. The high-quality education, physical location, and professional and efficient management of Ganey Tikva have turned it into a prestigious and sought-after area, where property values are constantly on the rise.
Based on the growth in life expectancy and leisure time, together with the available money for these issues, Ganey Tikva's strategic vision has emerged: to establish neighborhoods, each consisting of about 500 residential units, with a leisure center in each and a regional leisure center for every 10,000 residents.
Virtual panoramic tour of Ganey Tikva


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